S-Mount lenses

S-Mount lenses

More than 100 different lenses in total and Focal length from 1.25 to 50mm available.
This lenses are calculated for sensors from ¼” to 2/3”.
Included with or without IR-cut filter and some IR corrected.

The S-mount lenses increased their quality. It can be used in more and more image processing applications.
Attractive prices, small sizes and littleweight are important features.

S-Mount lenses 12mm

S-Mount lenses (12mm thread)

12mm thread S-Mount lens series is available with special features.

The Megapixel Fisheye lens series are available with focal length 1.25 - 2.3 mm and hotizontal angle 195° - 175°.
Further features are: Low distortion,IR-corrected Day - Night and Light sensitive (!1:1.2 and 1:1.4). Vario Focal board lens series are available. The standard board lens series characterized pre-price.

Products: 11
S-Mount Lenses  downup Focal Length (mm)  downup F/# (at ∞ value)  downup Mount  downup Sensor Size max.  downup
SV-B01328FE1.272.8M12.0 x P0.51/3"
SV-B01328FE 1.27 2.8 M12.0 x P0.5 1/3"
SV-B0320MP3.312M12.0 x P0.51/2"
SV-B0320MP 3.31 2 M12.0 x P0.5 1/2"
SV-B0624MP62.4M12.0 x P0.51/2"
SV-B0624MP 6 2.4 M12.0 x P0.5 1/2"
SV-B0924MP92.4M12.0 x P0.51/2"
SV-B0924MP 9 2.4 M12.0 x P0.5 1/2"
SV-B1620MP162M12.0 x P0.51/2"
SV-B1620MP 16 2 M12.0 x P0.5 1/2"
SV-B2520MP252M12.0 x P0.51/2"
SV-B2520MP 25 2 M12.0 x P0.5 1/2"
SV-B2525252.5M12.0 x P0.51/2"
SV-B2525 25 2.5 M12.0 x P0.5 1/2"
SV-B5025502.5M12.0 x P0.51/2"
SV-B5025 50 2.5 M12.0 x P0.5 1/2"
VS-MC057616.577.0M10.5 x P0.51/6"
VS-MC0576 16.57 7.0 M10.5 x P0.5 1/6"
VS-MC13754.396.2M10.5 x P0.51/6"
VS-MC1375 4.39 6.2 M10.5 x P0.5 1/6"
VS-MC1375-408.294.6M10.5 x P0.51/6"
VS-MC1375-40 8.29 4.6 M10.5 x P0.5 1/6"